Autumn, the Harvest Season

I love the fall season. I love the crispness of the morning air on dry days and I love the wet mist of the rainy mornings. I love lighting a fire in the morning to sit by for my early meditation and the warmth radiating out as I start my day in silence and reflection. Fall is such a sweet time to look back over the preceding months and contemplate: “what have I grown this year?” Look back to the winter, the time for setting seeds of intention. Consider the energy and work you put into nurturing and sprouting those seeds. Did you take time to enjoy feeling, noticing, watching their growth? What are you ready to harvest now? Reflect back with love and kindness. If some of the seeds didn’t sprout was it because they weren’t the right seeds to plant or was it that you got too busy to water and feed them? Of those that did grow, are there any that need continued love and care so that they continue to produce? And what can you just simply sit back now and enjoy?

Fall is that time for harvest. Enjoy the bounty of your good work! Over the next few months nature supports us in slowing down, putting what we are complete with to rest, and nourishing the soil that will grow our new intentions. What will you do to join in with nature’s intention for you?

Om Shanti,   Leslie

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