On the moon and emotion

This last weekend the moon was full. It was gorgeous! The moon has always been appreciated for its amazing energy and people have considered the various cycles of the moon as times to dream dreams, set intentions and put manifesting plans into action.

The full moon has also been associated with powerful and even dangerous energies – awakening vampires, setting off werewolves, and don’t the zombies come out of their graves under the light of the full moon too? In less fantastical stories, nurses and doctors talk of the full moon bringing out the “crazy” in people; ER’s are crowded and it seems more accidents occur. Teachers also, talk about kids being more out of control whenever there is a full moon and many people have a hard time sleeping.

So what is it within us that is being elicited by this moon? And why do we on one hand recognize its positive power while at the same time see a darker nature that might be drawn out under its light?

I wonder, if the “crazy”, the demonic and the scary is just a symbol of our hidden and often buried emotions. Old traumas, dark thoughts, the parts of us that have been shamed into hiding, under the light of the moon, have a moment to show themselves.

On the other hand, when we are more aware and sensitive, these parts are not so likely to sneak out and wreak havoc! And for those who have actually taken the time to get to know these parts and make space for them there is greater self ease and so perhaps more opportunity to take advantage of the moon’s clarifying light to open to the dream instead of the nightmare.

I said in class this last weekend that I was going to talk in this piece about the psoas and you might be asking yourself right now, so what might this all have to do with that strange and mysterious muscle?

I am glad you asked!

The psoas, buried deep within the body is indeed a bit mysterious. We can’t feel and experience it nearly so easily as some of the other major muscles we encounter in yoga and yet it is extremely powerful. It plays a big part in the vitality and strength of the body, its health helps to improve breathing, posture, digestion and even emotional health. Yes, emotions are tied right into the psoas. When the psoas is tight it can indicate unprocessed emotions that are being held in the tissues of the body.

Liz Koch, whose work with the psoas has been very informative to my yoga practice talks about the psoas like this, “developing awareness of your psoas can bring to light fears long locked in the body as unconscious physical tension. Intimately involved in the fight or flight response, the psoas can curl you into a protective fetal ball or flex you to prepare the powerful back and leg muscles to spring into action. Because the psoas is so intimately involved in such basic physical and emotional reactions, a chronically tightened psoas continually signals your body that you’re in danger, eventually exhausting the adrenal glands and depleting the immune system. As you learn to approach the world without this chronic tension, psoas awareness can open the door to a more sensitive attunement to your body’s inner signals about safety and danger, and to a greater sense of inner peace.” From Yoga Journal, see full article here http://www.yogajournal.com/practice/170

Yoga is a powerful practice that helps us to develop greater clarity and empowers us to truly integrate body, mind and heart. Contacting the psoas is one way within asana that we can begin to unlock some of those buried emotions and begin to more fully free ourselves!

In classes throughout the month of October, I will be exploring the psoas and assisting you to play with opening up to a deeper, richer experience of yoga and of you.  Dream big, and may all your dreams come true!

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