Happy Now Year!

Atha Yoganusanam. Patanjali begins the Yoga Sutra like this. Now Yoga. Is he saying, “Now we commence the study of yoga.”? “Now I will talk about yoga.”? “Now is the time for yoga.”? “Now we are doing yoga.”? Yes.


Now it is 2013 and we are still studying, exploring, aspiring to understand what it is to right now, be unified in mind, body and spirit. To be one with ourselves and the world.

So I say for 2013, let’s (once again!) say “Now Yoga. Now Life”. Let’s talk about, contemplate, experience life and how to make it the life we truly, in our heart of hearts, want and are here to enjoy.


Hafiz said:

“Now is the time to know
That all that you do is sacred.

Now, why not consider
A lasting truce with yourself, and God.

Now is the time to understand
That all your ideas of right and wrong
Were just a child’s training wheels
To be laid aside
When you finally live
With veracity
And Love.

Hafiz is a divine envoy
Whom the Beloved
Has written a holy message upon

My dear, please tell me,
Why do you still
Throw sticks at your heart, and God?

What is that sweet voice inside
That incites you to fear?

Now is the time for the world to know
That every thought and action is sacred.

This is the time for you to compute the impossibility
That there is anything but Grace.

Now is the season to know
That everything you do
Is sacred.”

It’s 2013 and I have decided (once again!) to be alive!

To be alive; now! Vibrantly, voraciously, alive!

And to do only what feels right. What feels good. Not so much in a self indulgent way, seeking pleasure purely for pleasure – but no longer will I continue to hold myself back from living my potential and purpose. Now, I will treat my life as if it is truly sacred.

This is not a new declaration for me (perhaps not for you either) but each time I make it anew I find that it goes a little deeper. I discover new layers to the meaning of a sacred life, for me, now. I find new places in my life and self I can explore and see the path more clearly. I see newly that now, is well, now.

Perhaps this is why teaching from the likes of Patanjali and Hafiz are so timeless. There are layers upon layers for any of us to discover and over and over again these teachings are new. They are truly in the Now.

I invite you to now (once again!) make your own intentions for now clear. Speak them out loud, hold them close to your heart and check in each moment – does what you are doing now feel right in the face of how/who you want to be? To live? To experience your life, now?

Howard Thurman said it too:

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask  what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people  who have come alive.”  

In that sacred space that is your deepest heart’s intention is the answer to the question, “what should I do, now?”. What brings you alive and feels right, now!

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