Spring ahead; new things coming!


Spring is my favorite season.  I love watching nature awake from her winter’s sleep and to feel the warming of the air as the sun begins to show himself more and more.

Spring is also the time of my birthday. To a sun sign that is bursting with energy, fresh with ideas and entranced with the new, spring brings daily delights. From those first shoots of crocus and daffodils and then the actual budding of their flowers to the small leaf buds on the bushes outside the windows and the frequent birdcall I can hear out there too, there are signs that life is burgeoning and new growth is not only possible but unstoppable!

I too feel unstoppable. I feel vibrant and alive. Excited to be able to spread my wings, sing and create something new. Yes, I am creating. New ideas, refreshed inspiration, and a bursting spring of possibility are all awakening here. Both at HeartSong and in my personal life, I am springing forward to implement some new habits, new offerings and new perspectives.

Those of you who attend classes at HeartSong can look forward to a few new offerings over the coming months. I am planning a couple of new workshops that I think will be fun and supportive to a more enriching yoga practice. I am also rededicated to my own health, getting outside more and not letting my garden get overgrown with weeds because I am too busy! I plan to plant, nurture, grow and harvest some beautiful things this year!

Leave a comment and tell me what spring is bringing to life in you!!

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2 Responses to Spring ahead; new things coming!

  1. horizon says:

    Glad to know about your blog; happy birthday, Leslie. I love all the new growth and new bloom flowers that make spring so beautiful.

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