Turning Up the Heat

We are talking this month at the studio about Pitta constitution and its fiery nature along with ways to cool pitta down in order to stay balanced.

And while having those tools is incredibly helpful and can be elementally supportive of balance and the experience of sattva – there is a great benefit to heat and allowing yourself space to sit within it.

I have always been a hot natured. I am an Aries born in the year of the Dragon and am primarily pitta in constitution. I was born with what some have called “mousey” brown hair that goes blond in the sun but when I was 30 I decided I was really supposed to be a redhead, so since then I have mostly been one 🙂  An outward expression of my fire!

Impatience, impulsivity and moving fast are a given in me. I am also a super hard worker. I’m efficient and able to think quickly on my feet. I am extremely motivated and positive and I have lots, let me say it again, lots of ideas. My mind is quick and fiery. This all also leads to some challenge with sticking with long term projects and following through with the details. But regardless, it leads to working, hard, all the time.

So, it helps to slow down, take time, be quiet and set strong boundaries with myself and others so I stay dedicated to my priorities and don’t get distracted. And that, takes discipline. Tapas. Heat.

It seems funny to say that slowing down, taking time and being quiet are heat. But for me, they are. Well really they are cooling but I need the heat of discipline to do them. It would be so much easier for me to just keep racing.

The fire of tapas is the slow burning consistency of discipline; the coming back over and over again to what I am committed to. What I am committed to is to cultivate the willingness to stop and reflect and to evaluate how I have been using my energy and to begin to direct more of that energy to true, deep self-care.

Lately, I feel that the Universe is really turning up the heat on me as well. It is clear, I need to slow down. Never one to just stick to the status quo, I feel the demand more and more to question everything I am doing and determine if it still serves.

This is a challenge for my Aries nature and strong constitution. I have always been able to thrive on getting stuff done, on being busy and on constant movement. But I am tired. Hard to admit, but I am. I am tired of putting everything else first and needing it to be “perfect” before I take time for myself. Real time. Not just an hour where I have nothing to do but time to be deeply quiet and feel. Time where I can really go inside and not have to come out and be ready to be there for someone else. Time to really simply be.

You might be thinking at this point, “But hey, you are always talking about how important that is. I am learning that from you.” Yes, it is true. They (whoever “they” are) say that you teach best what you most need to learn and I am on a big learning curve right now. I know so much about taking care of self, of nurturing and of simply being present. I also know that every one of us has our own challenges with following our ongoing commitment to self-care, me included!! Although I have always taken time for silence, meditation and even retreats etc, I do not have consistent, clear time and energy that is just for me. I spend so much of my “me” time thinking about all my to dos, making plans, setting goals, getting clear etc….there always seems to be some agenda. Good, self-caring agendas, but agenda none the less.

I believe that the heat is being turned up on all of us to wake up. No longer is sleeping through life a viable option for many of us. More and more people are seeking yoga, meditation and other mindfulness techniques for support because of this. For those of us who already found these practices, there are more and more opportunities to really use the practice(s) and grow in the areas we need to grow in. This takes discipline. Heat. Tapas.

So consider it. Where is it for you that the heat is being turned up? Yes, have your ways that you cool off when the heat gets overwhelming, but also consider those places where the heat is actually good for you and it helping you to create more balance.

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One Response to Turning Up the Heat

  1. Nice. Thanks. I wonder if you recognize my Aries quickness because you have it, too? Thanks for admitting that you’re tired. Thanks for helping me stay healthy.

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