The Lessons of Hanuman


Open Heartedness
Recognizing the Heart of Your Devotion
Walking up to the edge to remember what is possible
Pure Devotion and Love

After a month of Ganesha and looking at obstacles it was fun for me to move to a little Hanuman study in February. Weekly practice and classes included lessons from Hanuman which fit so well into the month of love!

When I read and study the stories of marvelous beings like Ganesha and Hanuman, the monkey disciple of Ram, I am struck with the elegance with which they again and again lead the main characters to Self Discovery. This makes it easy to take inspiration and let them guide the yoga practice and the teaching.

I am sure my interpretation and where I go with the stories is not necessarily the most classical telling, but I believe that at their heart they are doing for me just what they are intended to do – they lead me to something known at a deep level and remind me of truths that are easy to forget in my day to day life.

When Hanuman tears open his chest to show that Ram is right there in his heart, it is a beautiful reminder that we all carry what we are most devoted to within us all the time and that we are never separate from that no matter how it may feel we are. That devotion makes up much of who we are and yet we still act as if it is something other….

When he steps up on the shore of the ocean and pauses because he can’t see how to get across, he is reminded by a friend of his power – he remembers and immediately takes action using that power to fly across to save the queen! What will it take for each of us to remember we have the power we need to do the most important things? Can we listen to the reminders and trust enough to take action? Once we remember, what will it take to not forget again?

And can we identify those things, like the shiny rings and gemstones, that simply distract us from the truth? Like Hanuman, is it possible to let those things go, even fling them overboard trusting that what we hold in our hearts is really all we need?

Thanks Hanuman for your inspiration! I had a fantasy about learning the Hanuman Chalisa this month – it is a beautiful chant – but time and effort were not there. Here is my favorite version though, may you listen and also be inspired.

And now to March! The first of which brought rain and the new moon in Pisces….I am also off in a few days to Hawaii… so the inspiration for me this month is water….what’s yours?

Many blessings,


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