I am in the perfect place…..

french-squiggle-2-heart[1]Metta – loving kindness, friendliness; a feeling of love in light of whatever is happening.
Compassion – a wide open acceptance of the human-ness in each of us and the vast array of experiences we have in living a human life.
In my studies of both yoga and Buddhism these teachings have been some of the most beneficial.

As I move through my days there are many opportunities for both loving kindness and compassion. Any moment of tension, stress, dissatisfaction or discontent becomes a chance to pause, breathe, remember; to put myself in the shoes of the other, relax.
It is a practice, not a perfection. However it brings me back every time – “I am in the perfect place, right now!”
I have found that this is what I am most drawn to sharing in my teaching right now. Relax and see what is wanting to emerge – don’t push; no need to work so hard. Like usual, what I am drawn to teach is just what I am learning. I am in the perfect place.

Here is a prayer I say every day to Kuan Yin, the goddess of compassion and “she who listens”:

“Please help me to show compassion
in the face of all suffering,
my own and that of others.
Assist me to listen in and accept
whatis now, what is right now;
and to trust it is perfect.
May all beings be held in love and light.
And so it is.”

I am really excited to share teachings that include an awareness of Kuan Yin and the blessings of compassion and deep listening with my Sunrise Sangha group at our Wisdom of the Goddess Retreat in a couple of weeks. Likely, if you are in other classes with me, you will be hearing some of the same encouragements. And if you want to explore the possibility of relaxing, self nurturing and not working so hard in your yoga, give me a call. I would be happy to talk with you about how we might bring that light into your practice more fully.


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