Mothers……. For Peace

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and while I love the sentiment of celebrating Mom, mothering and all involved with that, I read that the origin of Mother’s Day in the US is not necessarily tied to what it has become.

Mother’s Day was originally petitioned for by mothers rather than for mothers. The intention was to make a statement about war and to recognize the power of mothers standing for peace. Mothers who were seeing the horrors of combat were boldly saying that there is something inherent in the act of mothering that makes one specifically tuned to the promotion of life and especially adept at seeing the absolute wrongness of war.

I may be biased here since I have not actually given birth to a baby, but I sincerely believe that we all have the mothering instinct within us. We all incubate, birth and grow much in our lives and if we were really honest with ourselves, we would see that war is never an answer to our suffering. Only that which promotes life and the inherent goodness of all that lives, can really bring us to our greatest power.

The paradox is that we do sometimes have to take a stand. A stand for what we really believe in, want with all our hearts and know is right to create or sustain. And sometimes a stand for one thing is a stand against something else. Which could seem like a conflict – a war of sorts.

So what’s the difference?

The difference, I believe, is found in the approach – that of peace. The underlying foundation, not only of the intent, but of the attitude and energy of carrying out the stance and whatever it takes to make that stand, must be peace. When we come from a place of deep inward peacefulness, we are much less likely to cause devastation in doing what we do. We will be much more likely to promote positivity and make a lasting difference that celebrates life and is life sustaining.

To gain strength in a muscle you have to tear the muscle fibers. It is the healing that strengthens. However, if this is done too aggressively you create injury and then scar tissue – which is not resilient. When however, you work from a mindful place where the foundation is respect and relaxation, the process develops tissue that is movable, fluid and powerful. These elements are the nature of the feminine and the nurturing approach of the wise mother.

Consider this in other areas of life too….where you find that you must tear something down, put a stop to something or stand against – how can you let go of the “fight” and but engage in the situation in a way that nurtures and grows; how can you approach your “battles” not with a war cry but with a big, deep breath?

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