The New Moon and Space….

moon7-214x240Yesterday was the new moon and I am still playing with what my intentions are for these next couple of weeks as that reflective light comes back. It is said that intentions consciously set and spoken aloud within 24 hours of the new moon, are empowered by the moon’s energy.

What do I want right now to bring out of the dark of new beginnings and set into the motion?

It is also fall and I clearly recognize that it is time to do a little harvesting. Good, good things have grown for me over the last few years. Can I allow myself to relax and enjoy those and allow some space to open up for a while – a space that I don’t need to immediately fill with something new?

These are my questions right now.

And the answer seems yes, I can allow that space and perhaps it is the space itself that needs to grow.

My invitation to you? Find that place inside yourself that knows your answers and listen in. For most of us, we do need space to rest in for our inner voices to be heard. Fall is the perfect time to explore what is complete and through allowing it to be complete, to enjoy your own harvest.  Then, be patient to see what wants to be grown in that now open field. There are some things that can be planted now, but many seeds – in order to flourish – will do better if planted later.

From my heart to yours, namaste’.


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2 Responses to The New Moon and Space….

  1. Marcella Box says:

    Your musing is inspirational for me. You are ever present in my life w your emails and when I recommend your studio for my patients looking for yoga. I am going to Hot Yoga and Crunch right now. I see there will be a time in the future that I will join your Mon or Wed class. Know that your essence is transforming for many, including me❤️

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