We need to talk….

Like me, you may have noticed what a crazy place the world seems right now. If you listen to the news or are on social media you are bombarded with information, images and opinions… you may feel sad, angry, helpless, hopeless and even, as one of my students lamented recently… confused about human nature.


I feel all of these things too.


And I feel compelled to stay engaged and keep doing all the small and large things I do to live a life of purpose and service. In those moments that I begin to feel helpless about how I might be able to make a difference in relation to violence and hatred, I remember that by living and being the opposite, I am making an impact.

Peace cornerIn addition to the work I do I know that having meaningful conversations is also vitally important. I need to talk to people and be with people who also care about the state of the world and who can share resources. I love the conversations we have in my yoga classes. One student shared about the Washington County Stand for Peace that happens every Wednesday from 6 – 7 pm at 5th and Hall in Beaverton. I am attending whenever I can and encourage you to consider attending soon!!


But, not only do I need to listen to and talk to people who are like me and agree with me, but to voices that express differences too.

The other day on Facebook someone posted that she wished people would not post about politics – “its too personal a subject”….I could not disagree more. We need to be talking to one another, helping one another be more informed and we need to be willing to listen to viewpoints we don’t agree with in order to better understand what’s going on. Only through these conversations will be ever be able to break down the walls and divisions between us. Sometimes those divisions can seem insurmountable, but I can’t see how we can ever come together if we can’t even talk!


Help keep up the conversation… leave me a comment about what you are doing to make sense of the world around you!

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